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I don't know how people make these descriptions so pithy. American, 34, white, bi/pan, demi, in committed ltr, and I don't have many fandoms but the ones I do I do hard.

Oct 20

m-winnike said: Nearly finished reading your fic, The Night Has Seen Your Mind, and holy shit it's really awesome! It's really hard to find Marvel verse fics that the characters have characteristics from the movies and comics and it makes me so happy that yours does. :)

Ha, I’m not even a “real” comics fan— I only started reading a couple select titles once I realized that the fanfiction was going to suck me in. But thank you! I’m an avid reader of Fraction’s Hawkeye and the current run of Black Widow, now, and I probably will get sucked in even deeper. (I’ve read a bunch of Winter Soldier comics and I get it but man oh man do they like him to wallow in reeeeeeeaaallly macho angst. I’ll check out the new run once it’s in trades though.)

It’s just funny because i have a couple close friends who have always been super into comics in general and I just never was. :)

But I’m glad you’re enjoying and I’m definitely glad you think it works. 


In case you didn’t know, October is learning disability awareness month! Also, you probably didn’t know I have one, since the general reaction I tend to get is “you don’t /look/ like you have a learning disability”.

That’s partially why I made this, because people seem to think you’re branded with it on your forhead when in real life it’s not like that at all—In fact, that mentality is probably what hurt my academic career for so long, because people with Dyscalculia often excel in other areas! I remember a lot if teachers/classmates/my own parents telling me to ‘just try harder’, because to them it seemed like I wasn’t applying myself. Dyscalculia is also not a ‘popular’ learning disability that’s talked about, it’s a pretty common occurance for me to have to give an explanation to others who think I’m ‘lazy’, so I figured this is a little educational as well as personal.

Those with Dyscalculia have trouble with*:

•Counting, estimating, and measuring. •Learning math facts (like addition, subtraction, multiplication, ect). •Problem-solving skills. •Concepts of time and navigation (scheduling, telling the diffrence between directions). *Among other things, but those are the most common.

●Here are some Dyscalculia resources:
•Learning Disability Association of America- []
•National Center for Learning Disabilities- []

●Think you have Dyscalculia? Test yourself (Don’t self-diagnose, bring your results to your parent/school counselor/therapist and discuss further testing)

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I’d like to thank Past Me for making really good homemade mac and cheese for dinner last night, and then packing leftovers for today’s lunch. Well done, Sunday Evening Me; love, Monday Afternoon Me.

Monday: did you mean, the busiest online day where I have the most to do relevant to my other job but simultaneously have to cover the busiest morning on the retail floor completely alone when on less - busy days there are two clerks for that position and so I get anxiety attacks every week and no lunch break and then am completely burned out for the rest of the week?

CLEARLY, I am unproductive for the online business because I sew at my desk.

Oct 19





Question: if enough time has passed since a meme’s inception, can it become popular again? To test this, I am injecting tumblr with this old meme. Spread it far and wide.


I am convinced that there are people out there who are young enough to be unaware of this meme, one of the oldest.  Let it spread again fr great justice.

Just for reference: This is from 2001. This thing is older than some people in this website.

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I am assuming the reason so many of you are opposed to a potential revisit to the Civil War storyline is that you haven’t spent hours of your day imagining it reenacted with babies, where it’s cookie-making day and Baby Steve leads the troop that’s pro-snickerdoodles while Baby Tony feels very strongly about chocolate chip.

In this photo she looks a great deal more alarmed than she truly is. Putting a bow tie on Chita turns out to have not been much of an event.

In this photo she looks a great deal more alarmed than she truly is. Putting a bow tie on Chita turns out to have not been much of an event.

oh dear i just remembered I accepted a mission this weekend of putting a bowtie on my cat.


Her neck circumference is about ten inches. Let’s get this started. I have a whole bag of elastic, velcro, and ribbon. 

Too cold in this house to get out of bed.
Send help. Tapped under many layers of fleece blankets and a down comforter.

Also attempted to warm things up by seducing boyfriend but since my seductive technique consisted entirely of absent-mindedly rubbing my butt on his butt and saying “cmon baby my toes are cold” this was ineffective. I am such a grownup.
BRB must slow-mo chase him across bed with icy feet

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